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Science Communication

Presentations are organized by the Disciplinary Core Ideas of the National Science Teaching Association's (NSTA) Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Adapting presentations to enhance specific curricula or student questions (if polled ahead of time) is common, and at no extra charge!

Earth and Space Science:
Earth's Place in the Universe
  • Pics Or It Didn't Happen: Artemis I And JWST

  • Far Out! Distances On Astronomical Scales​

  • Weird Moon Facts: The Importance Of Being Wrong

  • Sunblock And Other Syzygies

  • Messaging ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (METI): What Would You Say?

Engineering, Technology and the Application of Science
  • Design Principles Of Aeronautical Engineering: Function and Cost Over Form

  • M87*: Gazing Into The Abyss Like A Nerd

  • Umm Actually: Behind The Fiction In Space-Themed Media

  • What Can We Learn From This? Space Exploration's Most Informative Failures

  • What's Your Line? Spectral Analysis In The Real World

  • Extreme Off-Roading With Perseverance And Ingenuity

Physical Science
  • The Four Forces Of Flight And Their Complications

  • What's The Deal With Vapor Cones?


Audiences Love:

Writing and Illustrations

Radio and Podcast

Science Realism and Sci-Fi Consulting

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