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Digital Marketing

Website Design

Supercharge your brand's credibility with a fully responsive website, custom-built for your audience. Professional design and copywriting will ensure you rank high on all search engines, and social and analytics integrations will give you the data you need to reach even farther.

Web Presence Development

Like the website you've got? Great! Sidereus can help connect you to apps, platforms, and services across the web to boost referral traffic back to your site. 

Earned Media

We'll build you a press list and connect you with not only local, state, and national press, but also trade blogs, magazines, and podcasts.

Need help writing, editing, and distributing media advisories and press releases? We can help with that too!

Marketing Research

What keywords are your competitors using? What keywords are your customers searching? How about hashtags? 


There are a million ways to make sure your message goes where it will be found, understood, and appreciated. We can help!

Branding & Design

Consistency across platforms is key. Sidereus can design and deploy a distinct design language for your brand across your website, newsletter, videos, social posts, and more.

Technical Editing

Writing is hard, especially without a second set of eyes, especially on a deadline. Does your prose get right tot he point without typos? Are you getting you're points across? Where can passive or qualifying language be made to be more active?

Persona Development

Who are your intended audience? Who are your real audience? The answer is often surprising. Finding and resolving audience mismatches can have a huge and positive effect on your business.

Layout Redesign

It's not just what you say, but how you say it. Guided by principles of both design and psychology, we can make your website easier to use and easier to read.

Sidereus Group is on Upwork, so if you prefer you can reach out to us from there:

Digital Marketing Clients

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